Wefre Lets You Stream Free Music Online With No Ads

Just like that, another service of questionable legality has cropped up on the internet. Meet Wefre, the new free online service that lets you mainline Bieber without breaking a sweat.

The service, first reported by TorrentFreak, is live on the web, and the developers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop Android and iOS versions of the service.

It differs from other hacked together sources of streaming music online in that it’s got a very nice design, which looks like a streamlined version of Spotify with a new bubblegum color scheme. (The design is ripped straight from Spotify throughout.) Wefre works smoothly; Search for Notorious BIG, and you get a listing of popular songs and then albums. There are also sections for popular tracks and albums, which will reveal to you that people love very obvious Top 40 pop music.