Green Day – Revolution Radio (2016) [iTunes Plus AAC M4A] (2016)

Green Day - Revolution Radio

Green Day – Revolution Radio (2016)

Green Day – Revolution Radio


IN OCTOBER 2001, speaking to a Chicago record-store free sheet, Green Day drummer Tré Cool described the songwriting talent of frontman Billie Joe Armstrong as constituting “the closest thing to magic you’ll ever see”.what might have also been said is that the ingredient that allows these usually sensational songs to glow brighter than phosphorescence is the brilliance of the band that plays them. On Revolution Radio, Green Day perform stunt-driver handbrake-turns through music that takes the form of a fist, a sweet nothing into a lover’s ear, the timeless rock’n’roll on which American punk-rock is founded.and that’s not to mention Tré’s near-peerless drumming as it anchors and propels the glowing, gliding chord progressions that transmit themselves like an airborne disease. On Bouncing Off The Wall when Billie Joe announces that ‘Everybody’s bouncing off the wall’, he is in effect predicting how his band’s new contribution to the cause will be received by its core constituents, a truth on which you can bet your lungs.

If one abiding moral can be excavated from Green Day’s career to date, it is this: never count them out.the campaign in support of the notalways-interesting ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré! albums may have missed its mark (the band performed just two UK headline gigs in support), but here their return is heralded by music that muscles aside any doubts regarding their creative health with a panache that appears – although it surely isn’t – effortless.

The 12 songs that comprise the svelte but satiating Revolution Radio are among the finest to which Green Day have put their name. On an initial listen, this compact, compelling collection makes a fast and profoundly favourable first impression. From this already exalted starting point, things blossom yet further; and on subsequent visits, the band’s 12th studio album reveals its charms with the efficiency of a potent time-release capsule. Hidden corners reveal themselves; once-inaudible, impossibly subtle sleights of hand emerge from the shadows. From the contagiously propulsive Bang Bang to the timely Troubled Times (about which, you’ll remember, this band ‘Cannot lie’), from the handclap-accompanied bounce of Youngblood to the patient grace of Ordinary World, not a note heard on Revolution Radio is played in vain. It is an album on which every one of this most remarkable of bands’ capacious ideas are realised in full.

Tell your friends, tell your enemies:america’s finest band are back, and back to their best. The re-emergence of Green Day comes not a heartbeat too soon.

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