Dj Vaibhav

Vaibhav Kaushik (Born September 1997), Better Know As Dj Vaibhav is Youngest Dj /Music producer of Indore , India. He had Limited Exposure to Secure his Music. He started his Journey at Age of 12.Belongs To indian Family and Indian Culture. Dj Vaibhav have a Good Taste In Electro House, Trap, Bollywood, Hardstyle,Progressive House And Commercial Music. He carries a true passion for music. Dj Vaibhav is very well known for his energetic sets and music. At age of 12 he started Remixing tracks And started making Mashups. He started production at age of 16. And All From There His Wonderful Journey Started And Still Happening. Dj Vaibhav Is Also Supported by Vinai, Chainsmokers, Garmiani, Mikemago, Sam feldt, Ftampa and Many More International Artists.

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